I wouldn’t normally showcase school projects, but I’m proud of this one. A common final project in OS is to get the OS that was developed during the course to run DOOM. Since it’s such a hard task, previous years would make a team of almost the entire class (about 60 people) to try to get it running in the approximately 5 weeks allotted for the project, yet no team ever succeeded. This year, we had only 3 weeks, and one of the TAs was so confident that we wouldn’t get DOOM to run that he said he’d buy the entire class pizza if we succeeded. And we succeeded.

DOOM running

I mostly worked with userspace, i.e. writing libc and compiling the DOOM source code. Throughout the project, I learned a variety of things:

P.S. I’d share the code if I could, but it’s all in private GitHub repos.

23 December 2021