was an idea I had to make it easier to embed math into Google Docs or Google Slides. I bought the domain, and for a bit I did have something there, but now my GCP free trial expired. The idea was that the server would read the subdirectory part of the request URL it was given, interpret it as LaTeX code, render it, and send back an image file. So, if you wanted to put the quadratic formula on a slide in Google Slides, you’d go to “Insert > Image”, and enter\frac{-b\pm\sqrt{b^2-4ac}}{2a}1.

One version of the code is here. I was lazy and have not synced the GitHub remote with the version of code I repetitively hotfixed on the server, so the version on the GitHub repo may or may not work. Also, there is no way that any version of I made is production-ready.

  1. Yes, I never got a TLS certificate. 

31 October 2022