One of the projects for my graphics class this semester was to make a simple Minecraft clone, which I worked on with Steph Cheng. Crafting wasn’t a required feature1, so I called it just “Mine.” You can play it online here.

Here are the controls2:

Click the screen so that the game can capture the pointer. After that, clicking and holding with the pickaxe selected mines blocks, and clicking with a block selected in the inventory results in placing that block.

Since there is no crafting, you instead get points for mining ore or tree leaves. The higher your score is, the faster you can mine stuff. There is set objective in the game.

I am interested in going further with this and making a Minecraft clone that has better game design, but I don’t think I’ll reuse the code from this project for a few reasons:

I also wouldn’t copy the premise of Minecraft exactly. Games centered around resource extraction and building have been done to death.

  1. Mining wasn’t either, but I wanted to implement it anyway. 

  2. Assuming your keyboard layout is QWERTY. The game reads physical, not logical keys. 

13 April 2023