Personal Website

A lot of people have personal websites. About 3 months ago, I became one of those people. The website is still not completed yet (there is so much to do), but I plan for it to have two main parts: a virtual résumé, and a log of projects I’ve been working on.

The purpose of the virtual résumé is obvious: to convince recruiters to give me a job.

The purpose of the project log is a little more mixed. One reason I wanted to make something like this is to have an easy way to show my friends stuff I’ve been working on. The second (and main) reason I made this project log is so I can keep track of what I’ve been working on. A lot of stuff I do never becomes a polished final product, either because I moved on to working on another project or because the project was never supposed to be that big in the first place. Making a post about projects like that can help me feel accomplished for what I did do. This also provides an archive for my future self to look back on. He might be reminded of a really cool project he forgot about, or find an unfinished project he’d want to finish. Of course, recruiters might like looking through the project log as well, but they aren’t the intended audience.

Since the primary audience of this log is myself and people who can easily contact me, the posts will probably be pretty short.

I tried really hard to make this website look good. I made a style preview: a series of pages full of all types of filler content. Feel free to use it if you’re designing your own website.

See the About page to see how I made this website.

Added note from March 9, 2023: My design philosophy has completely changed in the last 2 years. I’ve updated the website base files accordingly, but this does mean that the style preview might look different.

11 May 2021